Thursday, April 10, 2014


There is something you should know before you call a painter to spruce up your sliding patio door.

If the operating door is not removed prior to painting, it will be difficult for the painter not to get paint on the weather-seal and this will adversely affect the ability of your door to keep out the cold.  And, after the paint hardens onto the weather-seal, you will likely notice a scrapping sound as the door is moved open and closed.  First removing the door will actually save the painter a little time as well.

Have a handyman or contractor remove the door for the painter, place atop some sawhorses and then return to replace the door when the paint dries.  This will cost you a few extra bucks, but the job will be done right and have a professional appearance.

Without the door being removed, it will be impossible for the painter to reach the seven-foot by three-inch vertical area (from top to bottom) on the operating door and the stationary panel where they interlock.

You may not notice the unpainted strip when you go in and out, but your guests will notice it.  It is apparent from inside and out when the door is opened at least three inches.  Additionally, there are other areas on the door that cannot be reached to paint, but they are not usually seen when the door is in place.  However, having the ability to access these other areas can help reduce the deterioration of un-clad wooden doors.

If this was never done years ago, take the opportunity to paint these sections and replace the damaged weather-seal the next time the door is removed for service.


Unknown said...

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Sliding doors are so sweet, especially if you get nice ones. They are the worst if they catch and don't slide. I can't wait to build a house and put doors on it.

Unknown said...

That looks so great! I'm looking to do the same thing in my backyard on the sliding door. I might use this as a reference. Thanks!

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Unknown said...

We are doing a few improvements on our kitchen. We have a door that goes from our kitchen out to the patio. I would love that door to be a glass sliding door like yours. Thanks for the inspiration!

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I have an older home. My sliding patio doors aren't in the best shape. I've been wanting to paint them for a while now. I think it would help give my home a nicer look. It would be something simple that will make a difference to get my home looking more updated.
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Unknown said...

I think that painting my sliding door in my kitchen would be really cute and add a new element to my home. It sounds really important to make sure that you take your door off for best results. This fun project will be great over the summer so it won't get too cold in the house with the door off, while the paint dries.

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