Wednesday, February 5, 2014


If your solid wood core sliding patio door is in close proximity to a pool, pond, fountain, stream, river, lake, waterfall or ocean... it will eventually rot.  It doesn't matter whether your door has external cladding or not.

The deterioration and swelling of the wood core is most apparent at the bottom frame of the operating door(s) and/or stationary panel(s) and, although it can be apparent within 10 years, in most cases, it can take over 20 years for the softened wood to no longer support the rollers.

However, wood rot has been found to be severe in less than ten years with some Pella products and is not covered under their 10-year warranty.  A class-action suit has attempted to address this consumer concern.

If caught in time, the deteriorating lower frame can be cost-effectively rebuilt.


Unknown said...

I'm nowhere near a lake river or any other body of water. Pella sucks real bad at their products. I paid for the top of the line sliding door and it rotted out behind the cladding so you don't know until its too late! Thanks Pella! They want to send their service guys in at my expense? I'm just going to rip it out and send it to the trash heap where it belong!

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Unknown said...

I had the same issue with my Pella sliding glass door, nowhere near any body of water and wood is completely rotted to the point where you can see the outside from inside the house. When I called Pella apparently the warranty was roughly six months over. I had purchased the house only a couple of years earlier and the previous owner had put them in, I will not buy Pella ANYTHING IN THE FUTURE.


same exact situation as previous comment. I was 3 months past the warranty. NEVER WILL I BUY PELLA!!!!!!!!!

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