Sunday, June 1, 2014


Our experience has shown that the elderly have more difficulty opening the sliding door to their patio or balcony than any other door they would encounter shopping downtown.

That's because all the downtown businesses conform to the A.D.A. requirements that specify no more than five pounds of pressure is required to open or close any door.

We make sliding patio doors compliant with A.D.A. (actually exceeding their requirements) in your own home.  We carry a special tool that measures the force required.  


bryan flake said...

I am in a wheelchair and find it difficult to open my own patio door. where could I get a tool like the one you are talking about? Would this tool only be applicable to the screen patio door and would it also be applicable to the glass sliding door?

Sliders said...

This works on any sliding door and the tool can be purchased at Sears and many other suppliers of tools.